“I’ve had to let go of any perfectionist tendencies, to learn not to compare my work to that of others, and ultimately to see the good in my own work rather than a page full of mistakes.”


“I highly recommend the Erin Hill Sketching classes tutored by highly regarded local artist Tony McNeight. Tony brings a freshness and enthusiasm to the class that is frankly infectious. Can’t wait for my next class, and guess what, I’m learning to draw!”


We invited Tony McNeight to take our Hamilton / Kirikiriroa and Auckland / Tāmaki-makau-rau studios for a day-long sketch session.

Tony challenged us to pick up pens and pencils and to immerse ourselves in the sketching experience. He guided us through a series of activities, committing pen to paper, to just start and not aim for perfection. We all surprised ourselves with how much we created in such a short time and found Tony challenged us to get back to basics and rediscover our confidence in drawing — he widened our perspective on how to see and describe the world around us! A really unique, creative and inspiring event for our team.


Take a 10 week travel Sketching Art Journey … My dream … Planning a trip to New York …

I found Erin Hill Sketching on Facebook loved her work and was thrilled when the course was offered in NZ. Friends thought I was mad, 10 weeks travelling from Taupo to Devonport for the Saturday workshop. Why, they asked, you can paint already. Little did they know.

This is what happened on my journey I met: An amazing Tutor Tony McNeight, his quiet manner, his supportive intuitive style enabled me to get out of my comfort zone … I tried hard to be teachers Pet!! Wise words he shared — this is your book you don’t have to share it, use it as an exercise book, practice, you can do it, just look at the shape. No rulers, rubbers. Lots of laughter.

It was so liberating to use a pen (no pencil or rubber). Learning to look at shapes, being quick. Learning to look, no line is wrong, quick colour, the best moment “the courage to sketch on location.” Sharing lovely lunches.

So begin your art journey start with Tony book today. Kia Kaha Artists


My latent interest in art has finally been released and become part of me.

Tony’s enthusiastic, kind and understanding approach as an art tutor have given me a hobby I will enjoy for the rest of my life. Everywhere I look now life has colours I never truly acknowledged before. Thank you Tony!”


Not having done any art at all since my school days, I was a little apprehensive about joining Tony’s travel sketching class.

However Tony’s friendly manner and relaxed teaching style soon put my fears to rest. The Erin Hill method that Tony uses enables you to progress quickly, and have fun at the same time.”


Almost all who entered the class believing they had ‘not a creative bone in their body’ and ‘no talent’, have been amazed and delighted at what they have produced on paper thus far. 

Tony’s style of passing on his knowledge is relaxed and fun – full of encouragement and gentle guidance. You could say ‘he draws the best out of people’ …”


This is Neil Wheatley and I’d like to take a moment to extend my thanks to you for providing such a fun filled learning experience in Fiji with Tony McNeight.

The entire trip from start to finish was filled with so much to learn and do. The resort would have been pretty much ordinary without the constant expression of art that Tony made available. We had to be flexible due to the weather and Tony juggled the itinerary and made it all happen, rain or shine.

I myself have given workshops in the arena of ‘bodywork’ and know all of the intricate details that must be employed in order to keep 10 or more people interested in what I’d have to impart. Tony was able to do all of that plus understand and help a person that proved more challenging than the rest of us. So, not only was Tony a seasoned ‘Travel Sketcher’ but he also proved to be a dear friend to so many of us. It was a learning experience that offered way more information than most workshops that I’ve attended.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for having such a competent and talented instructor. I went halfway around the world to take the class and I’m glad I did. It was well worth it. I met some wonderful people from Australia and New Zealand and have a whole new way of looking at sketching. Who could ask for more from a workshop.”