Friday class

Though a small group a really strong bond has formed and with lots of fun sketching – a few spritzers afterwards and yes we will do butterflies!

See you all next term and we have now found our ‘local’ – sketch hangout that is.

So the class comes to an end and it has been a good spirit that has carried through. I look forward to seeing some of you in 2018 and to those of you who are going off to explore other things you will be taking a lot with you so please keep sketching and observing….

And all other GS classes…

This week was a ‘wee’ follow on from last week’s 360 degree sketching with pan vistas and getting up close,  then taking the eye through the sketch with a bit of stretched and great results – this will be explored further next term. Sunny weather blessed us with opportunities to really experience what outdoor travel sketching is all about.