This is the last week of Term 3, and we had a visit from Karen Johns and for those of you who made it, it was a fascinating talk plus seeing all her sketches and hear her stories from the countries she has visited and I know everyone loved it.

It’s always with a mixture of sadness that we say goodbye to new friends and sketch colleagues we have met during the 10 weeks together.

Some of you are carrying on to next term and others of you are going to take a breather and maybe come back next year but PLEASE keep sketching and don’t be afraid of that bland page! Let the pen go for a walk or a scumble on the page and just doodle.

Hopefully the revision gave us all a brush up on some of the ‘tips’ we may have missed.

And a message from Pete Burt to his class.

Last day with a great group of ladies after ten weeks of fun, friendships and new skills learnt. A lively discussion about the course and then a bit of final sketching at the ferry terminal and once again some nice work. Thanks for your company, just loved it!

Just want to say from myself thank you all for taking the journey and we both loved sharing it with you – don’t stop taking that line for a walk! ☺