This week was intro to watercolour – fun eh? – this is the juicy part of travel sketching – though colour pencils and waterbrush still have their place – especially when you are in a hurry – as you will now realise it takes time to set up for paint – but as you get more practice the quicker you will be.

I have decided to do the unprecedented step of having a separate class on how to open paint sets. ☺

Rocks and chinagraph were the first exercise once we had managed to get our paint thicknesses ok. Then outside for first tree – sometimes a’ bit difficult’ to keep within the dots as that trees bigger than a page – but all great results. Try not to be too hard on yourselves, remember this is the first time you have done something like this and it takes time and practice for progress. Look at what you have achieved in the 4 weeks you have sketching and quietly congratulate yourselves on the journey you have chosen and what you have achieved.

See you all next week.