It’s  a great way to start of the weekend  when I am greeted by 10 people (and Charlie) bouncing into class super enthusiastic about starting the  sketch day – full of stories, chatter showing sketches of work done during the week. If some had not managed to do sketching, thats  ok, we all lead busy lives and its hard to find the time and put pen to paper, though, even if you give yourself 3 – 5 mins to put something… anything on your page… The hardest thing – and Im sure its faced by all artists  is –  ‘that blank page’ and

“where do I start” ?

I say, just anywhere-  and let the pen have a journey round the page, you`ll soon get the flow going… Today was introduction to watercolour brush and the many colours and moods of the sea and as you can see here  from the results we had some amazing works.

Well done and catch you all next week.