After the  excitement of week  1 when everyone realises they can  sketch, week 2 is an exciting ‘roll’ and everyone comes in rockin’ and fired up.  There always excitement and anticipation in the air as students are wanting to move to the next step, and week 2 is no exception.

We go over everything from week 1 and expand on it so that we are starting to consolidate what we have learnt earlier on. And yes, this week is about  venturing out and standing sketching with people walking by – some stopping, but all remarking  – “what a great work!” and ” whats this all about?”

sometimes next ‘termers’ can come onboard just from seeing what we are doing on the street.

Attached are great results and, somehow when they are all put down together they  really take on a combined new life of their own.

Weather does –  in no way deter us!