Class 10 – Tuesday and Saturday.

I have to say I always have a touch of sadness at class 10 as every term class is

such a journey of fun laughs (little)adventures, plus we have all really got to

know just a little bit more about each other as our personalities

shine through our sketching.

The skills that have developed over the course are now set to take the sketchers

on a new course of their own.

In saying that many have decided to come back and do the general sketches

which is open to anyone who has sketched before.

So you see its not really goodbye – but more like see you in a couple of weeks.

We are also now holding 1 day intensives for those who feel they need a top-up.

To all those sketchers who are travelling away overseas I wish you well and

look forward to seeing those travel journals your return.

Keep sketching – remember “time on paper “ will bring you great results..