This weeks  class was  about observing ‘intrinsic shapes’ .

What is that you may ask?

Tuesday and Saturday sketchers  now know that it is about the things that give each shape its own personality. If you are reading this and  have not yet done the course then I recommend you do  and all will be revealed.

The winter was kicking in with a few sicknesses but for the others the heaters were on full creating a warm ‘snug’ and we were in full sketch mode then down to the village with the local greengrocer kindly allowing an onslaught of sketchers capturing the wonderful colours and shapes that fruit and veges offer –  greens, reds, purples, oranges and all the other colours in between. We also experimented with sketching over double pages.

Keep up the sketching .

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Venice 2017 – the lesser known –10 nights May 30 – June 9

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Sydney early October -Manly (Anzac sketchers) a meeting of sketchers and see Erin`s studio works and meet fellow sketchers. – – enquire now.