Firstly a big thank you to  Wendy who flies up from Taupo  (every week)to attend class with her friend Glenda – now thats what I call commitment, and was not going to miss this weeks perspective class for all the tea in China so, as she couldn’t make her regular Saturday class she stayed up and joined the Tuesdays and  fitted right in like she’d been there for ever. Shows how friendly and welcoming we all are – yep- sketchers are neat people. Sure perspective (thinking back from the dreaded tech drawing days at school) can be a bit daunting, but not in our classes and  at the end of both days everyone agreed they  will never look at a building, house Synagogue – the same way again.

We make it easy and fun  and it reflects in the laughs that we all have while we are undertaking our  sketchers. Thank you to 5 loaves and the lovely