– Its really interesting at beginning of class when we go round the table and find out what brings us hereor what our expectations are? For many its just to pursue that ambition that has been chipping away at us for years to simply

‘give it a go’ –

 and the results speak for themselves..When we photographed  the work together  – you could hear – “Wow” – “thats great” and “they all really look good” – and they did. Thats what I love about first class – Everybody comes away having learnt simply how easy it is to start the  Travel sketch journey – and it just gets better.We learnt page planning, layering colour and really seeing objects and shapes.

Some had travelled great distances, others were local.Thats the neat thing about Travel Sketching, wherever you are – in New Zealand – the world or sitting in your favourite cafe, there is always something to sketch and seeing us all at the Stone Oven in Devonport with sketch books out  is in itself a great achievement.  Its going to be a great term!