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Everybody can learn to sketch!

Sketching is so wonderful – there is no right or wrong, there are no mistakes and each sketch is your own personal snapshot memory of that particular moment in time.

Tony McNeight brings to New Zealand for the first time the Erin Hill travel sketching method. Erin Hill Sketching follows a program of foundation skills in our art classes to take you from the first stepping stones, through to a confident and passionate sketcher.

We’ll guide you in our weekly art classes in a relaxed, fun way to find your creative side. You’ll learn to see the world in new ways and translate your everyday observations into sketches that come to reflect your own unique style.

Enjoy the results and share them over coffee with like-minded people — we look forward to sharing a sketching art class with you!

Travel Journalist Juliette Sivertsen’s writes about her experience in our beginner sketching classes.

2024 Sketching Art Courses

We offer courses for Beginner Sketchers and then progress you through to classes for Ongoing Sketchers — held in Devonport and Takapuna, Auckland. See course locations, dates and times for our Beginner and Ongoing Sketching Classes.